Hand washing with soap and water instead of gels could help avoid an “armageddon situation”

Teal portable hand wash units for hospitals and motor vehicles

“…handwashing is the best way to stave off coronavirus”

Warnings have been issued regarding the “overuse” of gels when washing hands, which could allow other bugs commonly occurring on hands to “learn how to survive them”, according to a recent article on the Express website.

The stark warning was issued by Lincoln University‘s Dr Andrew Kemp, Head of Scientific Advisory Board on the British Institute of Cleaning Science, wrote Lucy Johnston.

Effective hand hygiene is of course essential in order to control COVID-19 – “a powerful weapon” – but even the most potent sanitisers do not kill every bug.

“If antibiotic resistant superbugs adapt to survive alcohol it could lead to an ‘armageddon situation’, he warned.”

Dr Kemp’s research has been published in the American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research says the report, and is likely to provide a considerable cause for concern for public health officials – particularly those who have been championing the use of gels.

Handwashing the best way

The research has also attracted the attention of Ryan Merrifield on The Mirror website, who suggests that alcohol hand gel should be a short term or interim solution only, when it comes to cleaning hands.

“Dr Andrew Kemp, head of the Scientific Advisory Board on the British Institute of Cleaning Science, warns overuse can allow bacteria to develop immunity and says handwashing is the best way to stave off coronavirus.”

Dr Kemp is quoted as advising that gels should be regarded only as a “stop gap” when a viable soap and water alternative is not available, adding that there was “no published proof” that alcohol gels actually kill COVID-19.

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Portable handwash units – reducing the reliance on gels

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