Welsh Government reinforces hand washing message as workers return to the office

A washstand portable hand wash unit placed at the entrance to an office

Good hand hygiene practices are essential to help keep staff as safe as possible

Guidance from the Welsh Government in the form of five “key steps” have been set out with the function of keeping employees safe in the workplace – and to help businesses to comply with their legal obligations, according to a recent report on the News from Wales website.

These five steps are, writes Lisa Baker,

  1. Firstly, a Coronavirus workplace risk assessment must be carried out.
  2. Support to home working staff must be provided
  3. To help ensure that, wherever possible a full two metre distance can be maintained in the workplace
  4. To further reduce coronavirus risks with the implementation of further measures, examples of which include vigorous cleaning and hand hygiene practices
  5. And to introduce Test, Trace, Protect for personnel.

Effective hand hygiene measures

The old days of the “splash and dash” hand wash have gone.

“…washing hands well for 20 seconds with soap and drying thoroughly… after close contact”

along with the introduction of physical barriers, minimising loud noises and “limiting face-to-face interaction” are listed as “reasonable measures to minimise exposure to Covid-19”.

The article also refers to Business Wales’ Keep Wales safe at Work guidance, which includes “the published and agreed legal guidance for operating your business in Wales.”

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