Hand washing is more important than ever for school children in Scotland

A boy being taught how to wash his hands with a KiddiSynk

A real focus on teaching hand hygiene as the schools return

Enhanced hygiene measures “must be practiced” by school all across Scotland as children go back after the COVID-19 lockdown – and this includes a greater focus on hand washing than ever before.

The Scottish Government is insisting on a “rigorous” approach to environment cleaning, according to a recent report on the Glasgow Times website, which focuses on a number of key issues that returning pupils and their parents need to be aware of.

The enhanced measures will include

“Extra time for pupils and staff to clean their hands with soap and warm running water or sanitiser when: they arrive at school, return from breaks, change rooms and before and after eating”

according to the article’s author Jack Aitchison, who also stated that the “Provision of adequate hand-washing or sanitising facilities throughout the school estate” will be deemed essential.

Whilst there will be no social distancing for younger pupils, older children will be discouraged from close contact and hugging. Desks will not be positioned face to face says the article, which reveals that staff will be required to wear masks when not being able to maintain a two metre social distance, or are interacting with children for a “sustained period” (deemed to be around fifteen minutes).

Expect to see class and lunch times staggered, the cancellation of full class assemblies and the introduction of outdoor-only PE lessons.

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A preschool child being taught to wash her hands with a KiddiSynk