Cafes and caterers are getting out on the road to keep their businesses going

Washing hands with a Teal Handeman Xtra portable sink

Why hand washing facilities are so important!

Increasing numbers of previously static catering companies, cafés and restaurants are going mobile as they begin to actively seek out new and existing customers, by taking their food to wherever their customers are in an attempt to reinvent their businesses, according to a recent report on The Guardian website.

A number of examples are provided by author  who quoted a co-founder of Livewire Kitchen Zoe Watkins who has kitted out a van “Little Livewire” selling “…coffee, superfoods and natural, energy-boosting drinks.” Two of her three cafes are being closed as she reshapes the business.

It is, on the face of it, a simple idea, but it is a scenario hampered by red tape, according to the Nationwide Caterers Association‘s (NCASS) director Mark Laurie who is quoted as saying,

“There’s a lot of confusion about what is legal and what catering vans are allowed to do… Councils are so busy and don’t have enough staff to deal with applications.”

If these challenges can be overcome, the rewards are there indicates Tapper, who writes that nearly half the country’s workforce has been working from home at least part of the time since June.

“That represents a huge untapped market, says NCASS, but many members are uncertain about the complex rules governing street trading.”

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Why hand washing facilities are essential for any street food business

NCASS also emphasise the importance of effective hand washing facilities for mobile catering companies. If you are thinking of venturing out with a street food business, there are five reasons why you need a hand wash unit.

“A separate hand washing facility must be provided. It must have hot and cold (or appropriately mixed running water). Alcohol gels are not acceptable on their own but can be used in addition to a hand washing system.”

The photo at the top of the page shows 5 star hygiene rated Gower Sea Food Hut and their trusty Handeman Xtra Portable hand wash unit.

Effective, highly portable hand wash units for Street Food suppliers

It is so important to have effective hand washing facilities available at the point of need.

Teal’s portable sinks are the perfect solution for the food-related and catering industries. The comprehensive range meets the most exacting requirements of any Environmental Health Officer and includes pre-heated hot water units the WashStand and the Handeman Xtra Portable that need no electricity or mains water supply.

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