COVID-19 made less likely by frequent and effective hand washing says report

Hands being washed with a MediWash portable unit

Six to ten times a day makes a considerable difference

The likelihood of catching many infectious diseases can be considerably reduced by effective hand washing. There aren’t many that aren’t familiar with the twenty second rule and singing “Happy Birthday” twice these days. There is however, another factor to bear in mind, according to a recent report on the BBC website – and that is the number of times you wash your hands during the course of the day.

Health editor Michelle Roberts refers to a UK study based on data from 2006-2009, around viruses that are similar in nature to the COVID-19 pandemic causing illness.

A referral is made to a study that has been published in Wellcome Open Research (which is yet to receive peer review). 1,663 people involved in the study were deemed to be “much less likely to be infected” if hands were washed at least six times a day.

More than ten times a day produced no perceivable benefit, says the article.

University College London‘s Dr Sarah Beale – the study author – was quoted as advising

“Good hand hygiene should be practised at all times regardless of whether you show symptoms or not.”

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