COVID-19 health advice advocates regular hand washing over gloves

A Teal WashStand portable hand wash unit in an office

Non medical gloves can “easily become contaminated” says report

Regular hand washing and sanitising – using recommended techniques and durations – offers “more protection” against coronavirus than non medical gloves, according to a recent report on the CTV News website.

The article by Jennifer Ferreira quotes a release provided to the station by Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), which appears to raise concerns about the over-reliance on inappropriate gloves rather than hand washing.

The potential scenario is a simple one says the article – when someone wearing non medical gloves could touch a contaminated surface, followed by their face, thereby laying themselves open to potential infection.

“Instead of wearing gloves, PHAC recommends practising good hand hygiene by frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds…”

If surgical gloves are ever worn, they should be disposed of immediately after use and not reutilised warns Ferreira.

And for those working in the food sector hand washing should never be skimped advises PHAC.

“…wearing disposable gloves does not negate the need for frequent hand washing.”

Hand washing at the point of need

To enable effective hand washing to take place in the workforce, it’s essential that there are wash stations available where they’re actually required says the article.

“The agency also recommends considering increased access to hand washing facilities for employees.”

Regular hand-washing does more to protect against COVID-19 than wearing gloves, say health officials »

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