Consumers will “rethink hand hygiene” in salons says report

Washing hands with HandSpa portable salon unit

“…there’s more than a twinge of survivalism”

Skin care, once hugely focused on the face, in the post COVID-19 world of the beauty salon, will be largely supplanted by “proper” skin care including hand care which in itself has been long overlooked, according to a recent report on the Happi website.

The centrepiece of the article by Tom Branna is the conclusions that are reached in a recent investigation by HatchBeauty LLC, where disruption is perceived to be the new norm.

The article quotes HatchBeauty President Preston Bottomy, who recognises that because of the coronavirus pandemic, things really have changed.

“No single event in recent history has had as profound and immediate of an impact on the consumer mindset.”

Hand hygiene will be the new gold standard

Customers will not only be looking to be pampered, they will want constant safety reassurances says the article – and clearly visible and effective hand hygiene will be crucial.

“Keeping the focus on hands, the HatchBeauty study predicts that the nail and salon industry may finally undergo a long-anticipated reinvention as consumers rethink hand hygiene, long nails and personal safety.”

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