Illuminate Skin Clinic’s rigorous infection control policy supported by Teal handwash unit

Illuminate Skin Clinic's rigorous infection control policy supported by Teal handwash unit

Plumbing issues overcome with Hygienius portable sink

Illuminate Skin Clinics is an award-winning private clinic offering an extensive range of the latest aesthetic, skincare and wellness treatments. Located in Kings Hill, Kent, the clinic was set up by Dr Sophie Shotter in 2014 to provide the best advice, treatment and service in all aspects of non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

Being situated in a prime location in a buzzing area of West Malling was a huge boost for the clinic. Turning an office space into a medical facility however, could have presented challenges – on the grounds that there was no plumbing available, as Dr Shotter explained.

“Hand washing is a crucial part of our infection control policy to minimise the risk of cross contamination. We carry out numerous medical and aesthetic treatments on site and must be able to wash our hands in between patients.

“Hand sanitising gel is not sufficient and does not kill all types of bacteria – we have a strict hand washing protocol to follow and the Teal sink is ideal as it has the auto sensor, so there are no taps to worry about.”

The handwash unit deployed by Illuminate is the Teal Hygienius which is highly portable needing no plumbing and requiring only a 13 amp power socket for operation. The automatic sensor starts a ten second flow of hot water – which is heated to the optimum temperature of just over 40°C, when hands are placed within range.

“Space is also a premium with an ever-growing number of devices in clinic and the footprint of the Teal sink is ideal as its narrow and neat” added Dr. Shotter.

Treatments offered at Illuminate range from fat freezing, thread lifts and chemical peels to fillers, facials, intravenous drips and boosters, as well as specialist treatments for specific skin, hair and other conditions.

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For appointments or information contact email Illuminate Skin Clinic or call 0330 1331 272.

Further information can be accessed via Illuminate’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

The Medical Director washes hands using Hygienius hand wash unit
Dr. Shotter washing her hands with the Hygienius portable sink

Portable handwash units for the beauty sector

With 80% of bacteria and diseases spread by touch, there are high risks of cross-contamination between clients and practitioner and their tools which makes good hand hygiene essential. 

Access to running water is often overlooked due to the use of single-use gloves and sanitisers but these are renowned for being much less effective at achieving proper hand hygiene than simple soap and running water. 

Teal’s mobile beauty units include the Hygienius and the Super Stallette – both of which can be positioned near any standard power socket. The highly portable Handeman Xtra Portable can be carried to wherever it’s needed.

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