Reinforce handwashing teaching for kids at home as well as school says university

The importance of teaching children how to wash their hands

Video shows how children can be taught to wash properly

A useful video shows Jennifer Ponder PhD, an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama School of Education demonstrating that, with a touch of creativity, a squirt of hand lotion and a sprinkle of glitter, it’s really easy to show to children how effective their hand washing efforts really are.

The article on the University of Alabama website is by Alicia Rohan – and it also includes help and advice regarding cleaning and cleanliness strategies that are useful for both home and preschool situations.

“Teaching children about the flu and other contagious diseases starts at home but should continue at school as well” says Rohan.

Dr Ponder is reported as suggesting that educators create classroom environments where children are in charge of keeping their own designated area clean and also emphasises the importance of an enjoyment element when it comes to the teaching of hand hygiene.

“Finding ways to incorporate hygiene and the flu into your lesson plan makes learning fun and will resonate with younger children more.”

Hand washing is the key

In order to thrive at school, a child must first and foremost be healthy says the report – and teaching effective hand washing techniques will be a very important lesson to be taught.

“…starting good hygiene early on will increase their chances of success.”

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Go-anywhere mobile sinks for the teaching of handwashing

Handwash training for children is easy with a portable Teal Kiddiwash hand wash unit. Kids just love the warm gentle wash with these portable sinks – even when they’re on the go.

The TEAL KiddiWash Xtra and KiddiSynk mobile sinks are designed especially for smaller hands – and they make hand washing educational and fun.

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Teaching handwashing techniques to children