Why it is essential to wash (and dry) your hands before applying makeup

Why it is essential to wash (and dry) your hands before applying makeup

Out of date beauty products can cause a health risk

Although makeup products don’t go “off” in the same way that food does when it’s past its sell-by date, they can present a health risk when not applied or stored properly. Resulting problems can lead to considerable health risks – which can be significantly reduced by washing and drying your hands before adding your makeup products, according to recent advice on the New Zealand Herald website.

Author Michelle Dickinson is particularly concerned about the beauty sponge and the fact that research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology revealed that 97.9% of makeup used by the participants was past its use-by date. This leads to a significant risk of infection from bacteria which are capable of causing infection or blood poisoning.

“One of the main reasons for the bacteria build-up in cosmetics was found to be makeup users having poor hygiene practices” writes Dickinson.

We recently ran a story dropping the bombshell that E.coli can be found in 90% of make-up bags.

The Science Alert website recently warned that “…you could be smearing infectious bacteria on your skin every time you apply your warpaint.”

Hand washing advice

Applying makeup to the skin involves contact with both the face and hands, resulting in bacteria being transferred to a cosmetic applicator – a risk which is dramatically increased if the makeup artists do not practice sound hand hygiene procedure before commencing says the report.

“This risk is increased if the user doesn’t wash their hands before applying makeup.”

“For now, the suggestion is to use data to reduce the risk of infection by washing and drying both the makeup product applicators and your hands before applying cosmetics for your daily regime.”

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