Hospital visitors urged to “wash with soap and water” before entering clinical areas

Wheeling a MediWash handwash unit into the required position on a hospital ward

A key strategy in infection prevention

Help from the public is being sought in Lynn from hospital bosses, according to a recent report on the Lynn News website. They are appealing for individuals to be sure that they adopt soap and water hand washing habits during hospital visits, writes Allister Webb.

There has been a reported increase in cases of norovirus, which has resulted in the information campaign being initiated by representatives of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn: the Windsor unit, a frailty facility, has been closed until it receives the “all clear”.

Handwashing is key

Visitors are being asked to stay away if they have experiences sickness and or diarrhoea at any time in the past seventy two hours and are requested to report to the nurse in charge if they do visit, said a quoted spokesperson, who added,

“The hospital also asks that children under the age of 12 do not visit and that any visitors wash their hands with soap and water before entering any clinical areas.” 

The recent Think NORO campaign advises

“Only hand-washing will prevent spread of Norovirus –  alcohol hand gels DON’T kill the virus.”

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