Hand washing not gels for children on farm visits

KiddiSynk portable sinks for farm visits

Why hand gels aren’t suitable for dirty hands

Many children across the UK enjoy the educational benefits of farm visits. Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) is an organisation that ensures the adoption of appropriate safety procedures by member companies.

FACE educates children and young people about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.

Industry Code of Practice for hand washing

Hand washing is a feature of the Code of Practice, called “Preventing or controlling ill health from animal contact at visitor attractions”. It is very clear that alcohol hand gels and wipes are not acceptable forms of hand cleansing  on a farm. The code states that:-

“While the primary control measures should focus on reducing and eliminating faecal contamination, the most effective method of removing dirt and contamination remains hand washing with soap and running hot and cold, or warm water followed by hand drying. Soap bars can easily be dropped onto the floor. Liquid soap is a better solution.

“Washing facilities should be provided at or near the exits from any area/premises where visitors are encouraged to have animal contact.

“Cleansing wipes or anti bacterial gels are not an acceptable substitute for proper hand washing.”

Portable warm water hand wash units for children

TEAL produce a range of portable units that need no plumbing that are ideal for smaller hands.

Robust, easy to clean and fun, they can easily be positioned anywhere that an effective hand wash is required – indoors or outside. The KiddiSynk (illustrated) is perfect for farm visits, children’s pet farms, nurseries, creches, pre-school and outside play areas. Wheel it to where you fill it… Wheel it where you need it… Then wheel it to where you empty it!