Southern Africa – mobile clinics feature portable sinks

TEALwash mobile sink for handwashing in mobile clinic

Effective hand hygiene on the move with TEALwash

Hand washing is a priority in Southern Africa. Mobile clinics being run by the TB/HIV Care Association, a registered NPO, are now fitted with TEALwash hot water hand wash portable sink units.

The TEALwash units provide hot running water for both patients and personnel, which is essential in maintaining high standards of hygiene and preventing the spread of infection.

About the Association

TB/HIV Care Association is a registered non-profit organisation in Southern Africa that puts integrated care at the heart of responding to TB and HIV. The aim is to improve TB and HIV management by increasing access to TB and HIV diagnosis, care, treatment and community-based treatment adherence support.

The inclusion of the TEALwash units in these clinics allows the Association to provide this care and support safely and hygienically.

TEALwash mobile sink for handwashing in mobile clinics

TEALwash mobile sinks for motor vehicles

Wherever your motor vehicle goes, your hot water hand washing facilities can go too!

The TEALwash is provided in:-

  • 12 and 24 volt voltage sensing versions
  • a 12 volt non voltage sensing model

The TEALwash provides more than twenty twelve second washes, from each filling of the 5 litre water tank. And it’s easy to fill and empty with a large opening lid for a quick top-up with clean water. Close the bowl after washing and the waste water drains away.