Portable hand wash units – perfect for tailgating in the USA

Teal Portable handwash units for tailgating

Useful food safety advice as the football season draws near in the USA

Many fans across the United States have been starved of their tailgating / football opportunities over recent months. But the waiting is nearly over as the NFL kicks off and College football resumes.

There is however, one very important thing that tailgaters across the USA need to be aware of as they contemplate packing up the beer and food for the coming season. That’s food safety at the tailgate, according to a recent report on the Advocate-Messenger website.

“…unsafe food handling practices during your tailgating event could have you sidelined by game time” warns the article’s author Alethea Price.

The piece contains some very useful and important tips to keep food-related disaster at bay, such as

  • How to keep cold food cold
  • How to keep hot food hot
  • Checking hot food temperatures.

Effective hand washing is vital!

Price is particularly keen to emphasise the importance of washing hands before eating and after using those portable restrooms.

“Parking lots don’t have access to running water so bring your own handwash station.”

Go equipped with liquid soap and paper towels and “…encourage your tailgating friends to wash their hands before eating.”

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Teal tailgating handwash stations

There are two Teal portable hand washing units for tailgaters – the WashStand and the Handeman Xtra Portable can be placed in any vehicle and driven to anywhere they’re required. They have no need of an electrical or additional water supply.

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The Teal Handeman Xtra Portable

The Handeman Xtra Portable is perfect for any tailgating situation where a hot water hand wash is a requirement and there is no power supply or plumbing.

Lightweight and very easy to carry and deploy, it’s for use with pre-heated hot water and provides a minimum of fifteen twelve second hand washes per filling.

The Teal WashStand

Hand hygiene can me provided quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss, thanks to the easy to use and easy to move nature of the WashStand.

It’s perfect for tailgating situations where larger numbers of people are in attendance. The water holding tank at the top easily lifts off the main body, making the whole unit easy to transport in the trunk of any SUV or other vehicle.

It provides 40 effective washes from one tank of water. Waste water is held in the container at the base of the unit, so it’s ready for disposal at any time.