Street food’s lasting impact on UK dining habits

Now over 2,000 separate businesses

Street food on a larger scale has been with us for around ten years now, going from a curiosity to a sector with “a total value of £1.2bn in 2018”, according to a recent article on the BQ (Business Quarter) website.

The report refers to a survey which revealed that 24% of British consumers are now purchasing from a street food stall at least once a month.

Once of the conclusions drawn is that the appeal of such outlets is apparently not only cost-driven.

“Half of consumers (48%) say they now prioritise ‘authentic experiences’ when they dine out, and when it comes to the perceived authenticity of the cuisine, street food reigns supreme.”

Teal portable sinks help attain a good food hygiene rating

Why hand washing facilities are vital to any street food business

If you are thinking of venturing out with a street food business, there are five reasons why you need a hand wash unit according to NCASS – the Nationwide Caterers’ Association.

“A separate hand washing facility must be provided. It must have hot and cold (or appropriately mixed running water). Alcohol gels are not acceptable on their own but can be used in addition to a hand washing system.”

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The image at the top of the page shows The Gower Street Food Hut – complete with their 5 Star Hygiene Rating and trusty Handeman Xtra hand wash unit.

Effective, highly portable hand wash units for caterers

It is so important to have effective hand washing facilities available at the point of need.

TEAL’s portable sinks are the perfect solution for the food-related and catering industries. The comprehensive range meets the most exacting requirements of any Environmental Health Officer and includes:-

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