Campden Beauty Salon enjoys effective hand washing despite water supply issues

Campden Beauty's Stallette portable hand wash unit

The need for expensive plumbing work avoided with Stallette portable sink

When a busy salon in the Cotswolds needed a warm water hand wash basin, but faced some plumbing issues, they turned to Teal – who provided a fast and effective solution.

Campden Beauty is a Dermalogica-appointed salon owned by Director Jane Brown. It’s located on the beautiful High Street in Chipping Campden and offers a range of bespoke treatments for their rapidly expanding list of clients.

Issue with thick stone walls

The salon is in a perfect location, but did face a challenge from the fabric of the building when they needed to add a basin in one of the treatment rooms. Thick, traditional Cotswold Stone walls, with difficult access to both water supply and drains, meant a complicated, expensive and disruptive plumbing project.

Jane then discovered the Teal range of portable hand wash units.

Jane takes up the story:-

“I actually didn’t know that sinks like these existed and when I visited their website I was amazed and found the prefect one for the salon.

“I can place it exactly where I need it and it means we can use it between treatments or clients, washing hands in warm water rather than relying on gels or hand sanitisers.”

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Jane Brown of Campden Beauty with her Stallette portable hand wash unit
Jane Brown of Campden Beauty with her Stallette portable hand wash unit

The Teal range is ideal for start-up or expanding salons, mobile make-up an hair professionals and therapists, providing a fast, effective solution or if you are on the move the fully portable sinks can be set up in seconds, no plumbing needed and plugged into a normal 13-amp socket.

The TEAL beauty range

The innovative TEAL Hygienius is highly portable needing no plumbing, requiring only a 13 amp power socket for operation. The automatic sensor starts a ten second flow of hot water when hands are placed within range. Order now »

The Super Stallette portable hand wash unit is ideal for providing cutting edge hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed. Needs no plumbing – just a 13 amp power socket. Order now »

The Handeman Xtra Portable is TEAL’s most portable hand wash unit – ever! Washing can be provided anywhere that it’s required. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Order now »