Australian paediatricians advocate soap and water hand washing for kids

The best way to prevent a common cold is washing with plain soap and water

Aussie parents told to forget “old wives’ tales”

Parents and carers of children in Australia are ignoring “reliable and simple strategies” that are deemed to be far more effective with regard to preventing the spread of viruses, according to a recent report on the Kidspot website.

Unnecessary vitamins, antibiotics and other unreliable techniques are being used across the country at the expense of a far more reliable method of illness prevention – effective hand washing with soap and water –  says the article’s author Brigid O’Connell.

It quotes a new national child health poll by the Royal Children’s Hospital, which revealed a key statistic:-

“… less than half of parents know that hand washing — with plain soap and water — is a main way to prevent the spread of viruses.”

Strict personal hygiene is the key

The report quotes paediatrician Anthea Rhodes who stated that there are more than two hundred viruses that just cause colds alone in evidence.

She observed that “…strict personal hygiene was crucial to reducing the spread of disease” not adhering to “folklore” driven advice, examples of which were given such as not letting kids go outside with bare feet or going to bed with wet hair.

The best way to prevent a common cold is washing with plain soap and water »

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