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Young Australians taking hand washing more seriously says report

Research released to coincide with Global Hand Washing Day Some good news on the hand [...]

South Australia – increase in RSV cases prompts hand washing call

Warning that hand hygiene is less of a priority than it should be The number [...]

Food poisoning warning issued to Australians

Trying to cut down on a million visits to doctors annually in the country A [...]

Handwashing message still not sufficiently robust as people fail to protect themselves – and others

Strong messaging regarding the effect on others has been suggested People around the globe have [...]

FSIC warning: wash hands with soap and water – not gels

Norovirus can only be controlled with hand washing says Council Vomiting and diarrhoea are some [...]

Gastroenteritis outbreak: switch from soap and water washing to gels is “partly to blame”

Hand sanitiser not effective against norovirus and other gastro bugs warning People around the globe [...]

Call to supervise children’s hand washing as stomach bug hits childcare facilities

Incidents of gastro in Australia show no signs of diminishing Health authorities are concerned that [...]

Washing hands before eating – how many Australians aren’t getting it right…

Everyone has been taught how important hand hygiene is – so why is it still [...]