Food poisoning warning issued to Australians

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Trying to cut down on a million visits to doctors annually in the country

A warning from the Food Safety Information Council (FSIC) has revealed some big numbers when it comes to outbreaks of food poisoning in the country, according to a recent report on the Food Safety News website

The numbers quoted for incidents of illness, described as “preventable” by FSIC council chair Cathy Moir include:-

  • 4.1 million food poisoning cases a year
  • 86 deaths
  • 31,920 hospital admissions
  • and a million visits to doctors.

The warning was delivered close to the recent Australian Food Safety Week whose theme this year was ‘Food safety – be prepared’.

It’s hugely important not to put additional strains on health systems already struggling with COVID-19 warns Moir. With that in mind, Australian Food Safety Week has a key strand around being prepared in the event of “increasing numbers of other natural disasters such as bushfires, floods and major power outages”.

The vital role of effective hand washing

The report refers to research delivered as part of October’s Global Handwashing Day which revealed that “there had been a 15 percent decrease in the number of times Australians washed or sanitized their hands a day, since the same period in September 2020.”

The FSIC advisory Our health is in our hands! states “Clean hands will decrease the possibility of food poisoning and other diseases markedly.”

Hand washing tips include

“Wet your hands and rub together well to build up a good lather with soap as the suds help to carry the bugs away. Do this for at least 20 seconds and don’t forget to wash between your fingers and under your nails. You might have to use a nail brush.”

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