5 star hygiene rating for Perfect Pizze – wherever they go!

5 star hygiene rating for Perfect Pizze helped by Teal mobile sink

Teal portable sinks enable effective hand washing whatever the location

Perfect Pizze specialise in handcrafted sourdough pizza – and they travel to many festivals and private functions, delivering their five-star catering services in a variety of locations.

Being confronted by a lack of running water at a number of these locations doesn’t present a problem for Perfect Pizze: they are able to continue to enjoy an effective hand wash wherever they are, thanks to their Teal Handeman Xtra Portable sink.

5 star food hygiene rating

A high level of hand cleanliness is clearly important to the company – as evidenced by their 5 star food hygiene rating.

Perfect Pizze use Teal portable hand washing facilitiesPerfect Pizze proudly display their rating at a recent Warwickshire food and drink festival

About Perfect Pizze

Perfect Pizze was formed by Barry Crook and Chris Lovatt, two pizza enthusiasts from Shropshire who are dedicated to delivering artisan pizzas to local festivals and private functions. They pride themselves on producing the finest sourdough which gives their pizzas a unique taste and texture.

Learn more at the Perfect Pizze website, or their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Teal mobile sink range

The Teal range is ideal for outdoor and event-based businesses with ever-growing popularity and are supplied to customers across the UK. Whether you need to support existing facilities or need warm water hand washing on the move, the fully portable sinks can be set up in seconds and no plumbing needed.

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