Some of the most compelling reasons to wash your hands that you can imagine!

Reasons why you should wash your hands more often

If this doesn’t put hand hygiene at the top of your list…

There are many reasons why effective hand washing should be high on a list of priorities – especially having been to the toilet or before preparing food and eating. It’s very tempting to salve your conscience with a quick “splash and go”, as though that has actually been of any benefit!

A recent article may well make you change your mind about how often and how well you wash your hands (we’d be very surprised if it didn’t).

The report by  on the Insider website lists six of the most compelling scenarios that we can possibly think of! They include:-

  • Door handles. (Think carefully about this one). Consider that C. difficile for example, can remain active for “as long as five months”.
  • The kitchen sink sponge. Enough to put you off washing the dishes…
  • Your office desk. “…could have more germs than a toilet seat”.
  • The daily commute. A link to a study on the London Tube Network.
  • Restaurant menus. Too worrying to contemplate perhaps?
  • And finally, the dreaded mobile phone.

Dodgson sums up these compelling hand washing reasons quite succinctly.

“We touch our faces many times a day, so whatever is on your hands has a chance of making its way into your system.”

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Hand wash units – right where they’re needed!

Teal portable hand wash units are available to hire or buy.

TEAL produces an incredible range of mobile sinks and portable basins for every type of hand washing situation for use by anyone who needs to wash their hands effectively, whether they’re in an office environment, temporary accommodation or out in the field on a daily basis.

There are vehicle mounted, wall mounted, mains powered and free standing hand wash stations as well as mobile sinks with pre-heated hot water.

The TEAL range of mobile sinks includes the MediWashHygienius and Hygienius ProWashBigSynkSuper StalletteTEALwashHandeman XtraCompact Classic and WashStand.

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