Hand washing immediately after farm animal contact urged by council

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Cryptosporidiosis warning issued in east of England

A representative for South Kesteven District Council advised all farm visitors to wash their hands properly immediately after contact with farm animals, in the wake of a number of linked Cryptosporidium cases, according to a recent article on the Lincolnshire Live website.

As many as 13 children and adults fell ill with an outbreak of diarrhoea later confirmed as Cryptosporidium after visiting a Lincolnshire farm wrote Paul Whitelam.

Though the subsequent investigation could not directly link the outbreak with the farm visit, it did prompt strongly worded advice from South Kesteven District Council which acknowledged the value that can be gained from farm visits  – described as “an enjoyable and educational experience for many”.

The risks of transmission of illness from farm animals should make all visitors aware of the necessity of good hand hygiene.

“Our advice to the public, therefore, is that hand-washing after coming into contact with farm animals is of the utmost importance to prevent infections.”

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