Innovative micro pigs farm business reveals importance of hand washing

Portable hand washing sink by Teal at Kew Little Pigs

How portable wash stations support a unique farm-based business

Kew Little Pigs use mobile hand washing sinks to provide warm water for visitors and meet environmental health requirements.

It’s quite fascinating to see how new and innovative businesses are now operating, growing and thriving on traditional farm locations – and that’s certainly true for the experiences offered by Kew Little Pigs, at Old Amersham Farm in Amersham, South Bucks.

Kew Little Pigs at Old Amersham Farm in Amersham

Founder and enthusiast Olivia began Kew Little Pigs back in 2010 and now runs her business giving the public piggy ‘experiences’ where you can enjoy pre-booked visits and get close to and learn all about their miniature pigs.

Now nine years later, they are the only micro pig breeders and company in the UK that focus on exhibiting micro pigs and educating people on their intelligence, their needs and what is takes if you are thinking of owning one.

One of the Kew Little Pigs stars ©

Micro pig media stars!

They are now firmly on the map and visitor numbers are growing year on year with additional business generated from corporate events, school visits, parties, PR and TV bookings.

What’s more, some of Olivia’s Kew Little Pigs have even been on Game of Thrones also featuring on TV campaigns for Hendrick’s and Veuve Clicquot!

As with every outdoor event-based business, particularly with animal handling, one of the most important aspects is complying with environmental health requirements. Olivia decided to add portable warm water handwashing sinks from by Teal to the facilities already in place for visitors.

“The sinks from Teal are ideal as we can place them wherever we need them as they are so portable, we can even take them to our external events, pet shows or private parties as they fit in the back of a van.”

She also added “I found the sink I wanted on their website, ordered it and it was delivered the next day, a really good service”.

Hand washing on the farm with a Teal mobile sink

The Teal mobile sink range

The Teal range is ideal for outdoor and event-based businesses with ever-growing popularity and are supplied to customers across the UK. Whether you need to support existing facilities or need warm water hand washing on the move, the fully portable sinks can be set up in seconds and no plumbing needed.

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The TEAL WashStand – wheel it to where you want it!