Hand washing – the best way to combat norovirus in the workplace

Hand washing with portable sinks in the office

Why soap and water is the preferred method for minimising sickness

Norovirus – often referred to as the “winter vomiting bug” – can strike at any time of the year, but is usually more of a threat as the winter months set in. Statistics seem to indicate that the number of incidents is on the rise this year, according to a recent report on the Cosmopolitan website.

The reason that outbreaks increase dramatically at this time of year is “because people are indoors, in closer proximity to each other with the heating on, which makes it easier for the virus to spread person to person,” wrote the article’s author Catriona Harvey-Jenner, quoting Dr Dan Quemby.

The article draws upon a report from Public Health England which indicates that the number of outbreaks is on the rise, compared to the same period last year.

Controlling the spread of norovirus

The bug has a prolonged period of contagiousness says the article, which greatly increases the chances of contracting it. There is no “cure” as such – but steps can be taken to minimise its spread in the workplace (or anywhere else for that matter) with the implementation of “good hygiene practices”, according to Dr Quemby.

“Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet and before handling or eating food. Soap and water is much more effective against these viruses than alcohol gel.”

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Effective hand hygiene – in any working environment

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