62% of commercial vehicle drivers do not benefit from basic hand hygiene – survey

Hand washing sinks for commercial vehicle drivers

Effective hand hygiene can be a challenge for tradesmen while on the road

The majority of engineers and tradesmen on the road are not practising good hand hygiene according to a survey conducted by TEAL Patents at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of portable hand wash units found that 62% of visitors surveyed at the show do not wash their hands enough and are failing basic hand hygiene standards.

Previous research has found that if you wash your hands less than seven times a day you are failing hygiene best practice standards, something which mobile engineers and trades have admitted to.

Lack of suitable hand washing facilities

The survey also found the 48% of engineers on the road believe they do not have the hand washing facilities to be able to follow good hand hygiene procedures and 90% of people surveyed said they would welcome better hand hygiene facilities whilst on the road at work.

Chris Whieldon – sales director at TEAL Patents – reflected on the survey results.

“Although 90% of trade drivers know the dangers of not washing hands before eating, our survey found that many still fail to perform that simple and, what could be an illness-preventing, task. 

“Hand hygiene can be a challenge for tradesmen while on the road. Without the correct hand washing facilities, germs have ample opportunities to spread throughout the day which could cause serious illness and leave drivers unable to work. 

“Hand sanitisers fall dangerously short of preventing the spread of illness and mislead people into believing their hands are clean. Washing hands with soap and hot running water is considered the gold standard of removing any germs from hands. 

“TEAL has been supplying commercial vehicles with portable hand wash units for over 55 years. We have developed a range of units specifically designed to help drivers stay clean whilst on the road,” says Chris.

Effective hand washing – for all commercial vehicle drivers

Hand washing saves lives! And the TEAL range of automotive units enables any mobile workforce to be able to enjoy a hot water hand wash wherever it’s needed!

Easy to fit and maintain, they are available with 12v or 24v power supply.

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