Portable hand washing units for motor vehicles.

The TEAL range of automotive units enable you and your workforce to be able to enjoy a hot water hand wash wherever it’s needed! Easy to fit and maintain, they are available with 12v or 24v power supply.

Whatever your requirement, if you’re on the move, there’s a TEAL unit that will do the job! Perfect for service vans, sleeper cabs, dog vans, paramedics, ambulances, breakdown vehicles, gulley emptiers (wet waste), waste lorries (dry waste), local authority services, food vans, mobile workshops, mobile libraries and van fitters.

Vehicle Certification Agency

Teal accreditation – E11 Approval No: 10R-055528, Extension No: 01.

Hand wash units for motor vehicles – conformity of production certificate.

Handeman Xtra portable sinks

Handeman Xtra for motor vehicles

£319.00£335.50 + VAT

Handeman Original for motor vehicles

Handeman Original for motor vehicles

£316.80 + VAT

TEALwash portable sinks

TealWash for motor vehicles

£324.50 + VAT

Compact Classic portable sinks

Compact Classic for motor vehicles

£355.00 + VAT