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Educate children on the importance of hand hygiene says UK Government

Everyone must be able to access liquid soap and warm water says guidance The UK [...]

Children’s hand washing guidance issued as illnesses spread across the UK

Kids returning to school amidst “high levels” of scarlet fever, flu and of course Covid [...]

Advice to Headteachers emphasises the crucial role of handwashing in schools

High levels of norovirus identified along with “other viral conditions” A letter to Headteachers has [...]

Hand washing is a “powerful tool” against a host of childhood ailments says report

Anti Covid-19 measures have “shut out other viruses and bacteria” As countries with commonplace Covid [...]

Kids are washing hands more than ever – infectious diseases reduce dramatically in schools

Even the common cold is in decline as effective hand hygiene brings huge benefits A [...]

Nigeria: introduction of hand washing essential to curb Lassa fever

Promoting the adoption of life-saving habits in children A recent interview given by Mr Bassey Ating, [...]

Hepatitis A and norovirus outbreak in Midlands school: hand washing is vital

Soap and water, washing properly and avoid the gels Tameside Primary in Price Road, Wednesbury [...]