Nigeria: introduction of hand washing essential to curb Lassa fever

Young children washing hands in Nigeria with portable sink

Promoting the adoption of life-saving habits in children

A recent interview given by Mr Bassey Ating, the Programme Coordinator, Wise Administration of Terrestrial Environment and Resources (WATER) to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) featured an urgent call for the reintroduction of the teaching of handwashing in Nigerian Schools, according to a recent report on the PM News Nigeria website.

The focus on children’s hand washing in schools across the country had fallen by the wayside since an initiative was previously introduced to combat the spread of the ebola virus, said Mr. Ating, who emphasised how important an effective washing campaign would be to help restrict the spread of Lassa fever.

“Hand-washing is the simplest and the most cost-effective method of preventing the most common infections that cause mortality, especially in children who are vulnerable to sicknesses which are preventable.”

The report said that the promotion of effective handwashing techniques among school children should be “part of the designed strategies to curb the disease.”

Mr. Ating is quoted as saying that hand hygiene – particularly when undertaken with soap and water – would be “useful in efforts to curb the spread of Lassa fever.”

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