Hand washing is a “powerful tool” against a host of childhood ailments says report

Children washing hands in the classroom with a KiddiSynk

Anti Covid-19 measures have “shut out other viruses and bacteria”

As countries with commonplace Covid vaccinations slowly inch back to whatever will be “normal” in the future, it is becoming apparent that good hand hygiene practices that have been (hopefully) rigorously adopted should be maintained.

Recent research has shown that the benefits washing bring achieve far more than just keeping coronavirus at bay, according to a recent report on the Wall Street Journal website.

Autors Peter Landers and Miho Inada state that there is a

“…long list of other viruses and bacteria that have found themselves shut out in the pandemic world.”

It seems that cases of gastroenteritis variants, chickenpox and many other childhood illnesses have shown a “dramatic decline” across the USA, according to paediatrician Rana El Feghaly, director of clinical services at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

“All the peaks that we expected in the winter of this year, we haven’t seen any of those.”

Blue KiddiWash portable hand wash unit for preschool children

Chickenpox, norovirus, coughs and colds all down

Cases of chickenpox alone has fallen by more than two thirds of the pre-pandemic levels in the USA, Japan and across Europe, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a figure which is mirrored by a similar reduction in the same geographical regions of strep throat caused by group A Streptococcus.

Reported norovirus case in Germany are down 95% on the 2019 figure.

A paediatrician in Tokyo, Dr Yoshihiro Hayashi, is quoted in the article as saying that he considers it to be “…an unbelievable situation”, with routine visits involving the usual colds, coughs and stomach bugs now being “rare, probably because of measures taken against the coronavirus”.

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