Combat norovirus with soap and water handwashing advises NHS Trust

Combat norovirus with effective hand washing

“Don’t rely on hand gels because they don’t kill the virus”

Another strain of the “winter vomiting bug” norovirus is set to cause problems across the UK. It’s unpleasant, and highly contagious – but there is a very simple way of reducing the risk of catching it and spreading the disease to others, according to a recent report on the Mirror website.

The article, by Claire Dunwell, features a video made by Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust in which staff advise that people can protect themselves by washing their hands with soap and water – and ask that anyone with symptoms should avoid attending a healthcare facility, choosing instead to stay at home, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids.

Gels don’t work against norovirus

Dunwell quotes a Castleford GP Nicola Williams who explains the unpleasant course that the illness, for which there is no cure, can run over a two to three day period. Dr Williams advises that it’s not always possible to avoid contracting norovirus, “but the most important thing in prevention is washing your hands well with soap and water.”

“Don’t rely on hand gels because they don’t kill the virus. Washing your hands properly should take about 20 seconds, as long as singing Happy Birthday twice. If someone in your family has the virus, be extra careful with washing hands.”

Hand washing must be effective to be worthwhile – and washing with soap and running water are by far and away the best method of achieving high quality hand hygiene, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The prevention of sickness and the passing on of germs to others are achieved by such hand washing according to the CDC article When & How to Wash Your Hands.

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