Effective hand washing is essential to cut down the need for antibiotics warns RPS

Handwashing with portable sinks to prevent infection

Hand hygiene helps prevent infection transmission

Two aspects of the importance of hand washing are often neglected – the fact that those carrying infection can reduce the risk of  passing it on, and the necessity to help reduce the dependence on antibiotics, according to a recent report on the Manchester Evening News website.

The article by Matthew Cooper headlines with the importance of washing for an appropriate amount of time – 20 seconds (or the amount of time it takes to sing “happy birthday” twice), quoting Ash Soni the President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) as saying

“We don’t wash our hands often enough for long enough to get rid of the bacteria that can cause illnesses.”

Cooper also cross references with a recent Guardian report Sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands, say pharmacists, which states that the RPS is emphasising exactly why appropriate hand hygiene techniques are so important.

“It is calling for people to wash their hands more thoroughly as a way of cutting down the need for antibiotics, which are becoming less effective as bugs become increasingly resistant to them.”

Essential guide to handwashing

The RPS has issued an essential guide which points out that in Britain, 84% of adults don’t wash their hands for long enough for the activity to be effective.

It advises “Washing your hands properly takes 20 seconds. It’s one of the simplest ways to protect yourself, and others, from illnesses like food poisoning and flu.” 

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Portable sinks for really effective hand washing

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