Hand washing essential when dealing with amphibians and reptiles

Hand washing after contact with animals

Supervise children while they wash their hands

Salmonella bacteria can frequently be carried by reptiles and other amphibians, even when they themselves are not ill – making frequent hand washing essential every time anyone comes into contact with them according to the Stillwater News Press website.

The article, written by Elisabeth Giedt, DVM, identifies aquatic turtles as carrying the greatest risk as a result of their surroundings.

Common sense should dictate circumstances and situations in which amphibians should not be handled or placed – particularly in or near food preparation areas and children’s bedrooms advises Ms Giedt.

The importance of effective hand hygiene

Any contact with amphibians should result in a thorough hand wash according to the article – and it essential to make sure that children wash their hands properly.

“Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching or handling any amphibian or reptile, its housing, or anything that has come in contact with the animal including its food or feces.

“Children handling amphibians or reptiles should be closely supervised and assisted with hand washing.”

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