Why caterers MUST have separate hand washing facilities – NCASS

Portable sinks for caterers

Hand hygiene for street food and outside catering businesses

There’s a clear message for anyone operating a mobile, street food or outside catering business according to the Nationwide Caterer’s Association (NCASS) – you need a hand wash unit.

NCASS emphasise that “the legislation is very clear on hand washing when operating ANY food business. It states that:

  • “A separate hand washing facility must be providedIt must have hot and cold (or appropriately mixed running water).
  • “Alcohol gels are not acceptable on their own but can be used in addition to a hand washing system”.

5 reasons why you need a hand washing unit

NCASS have listed five compelling reasons why mobile caterers need a mobile sink.

  1. “It’s a legal obligation
  2. “You’re less likely to give someone food poisoning (and therefore not go to prison and/or pay a fine)
  3. “You won’t get a good Food Hygiene Rating score
  4. “It makes customers more likely to buy your food (and therefore you’ll make more money!)
  5. “It improves the image of the industry”

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High quality portable sinks are perfect hand washing – anywhere!

Combat cross infection! Maintain the highest levels of hygiene when preparing food – with the minimum of effort! TEAL hand wash mobile sinks are the perfect solution for the food-related and catering industries. A comprehensive range meets the most exacting requirements of any Environmental Health Officer.

Perfect for street food retailers

Ideal for all catering related businesses such as street food retailers, farmers’ markets and kiosks, outside catering, fast food outlets, ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks, sandwich bars and all other forms of mobile catering. TEAL hand wash units are also perfect for customers who use your facilities!