FSA – hand washing advice for charity groups providing food

Mobile hand washing facilities for caterers

Food Standards Agency catering guidance for community settings

Catering advice for charity and community groups providing food can be found on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website.

The FSA provides specific advice for volunteers and charity groups who provide food in village hall or other community settings. In answer to the theoretical question “I’m making food for lots of people at a fundraising event. What general safety advice can you give me?”, they advise

“Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, using hand sanitisers if hand washing facilities are not available.” 

Washing hands with soap and water

Hand washing is far more effective than gels and wipes – and is the only viable option when hands are visibly soiled. Fortunately, there is an easy to implement, inexpensive solution for those charity groups who provide food for customers and groups – the TEAL range of mobile sinks and basins.

Catering advice for charity and community groups providing food »

Hand washing for all community groups – and their customers!

Visible portable sinks can be positioned right where catering staff need them most.

Ideal for all catering related businesses such as street food suppliers, retailers, farmers’ markets and kiosks, outside catering, fast food outlets, ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks, sandwich bars and all other forms of mobile catering.

TEAL hand wash units are also perfect for customers who use your facilities!

See the TEAL range of mobile sinks for caterers and street food suppliers»