Hand washing the key message – Hand Hygiene Tour

Teal mobile sinks for hospitals


Effective hand hygiene with soap and water

The Hand Hygiene Torch Tour (‘spread the message, not the bugs’) recently paid a visit to Coventry City Council’s Lord Mayor, according to a report on the Coventry City Council website.

University Hospital’s Coventry and Warwickshire Infection Prevention Team accompanied the torch. Kate Prevc, Modern Matron of Infection Prevention and Control, is reported as saying

“In the present environment where we are not producing new antibiotics, we are seeing increasingly resistant strains of bacteria where antibiotics will not be as effective, so in future our reliance will be on infection prevention measures to stop us spreading infections, and the most important thing we can do to stop infections spreading is handwashing properly.”

The image above shows Chris Whieldon of TEAL demonstrating the benefits of the Stop n’Wash portable hand wash station – at a very appropriate moment. It coincided with the arrival of the Hand Hygiene Torch when it arrived at a recent IPS event in Exeter.

The Hand Hygiene Torch Tour

The Torch Tour (‘spread the message, not the bugs’) was launched recently in each of the UK capital cities, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Wales and Belfast as well as Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and in Malta to engage the Society’s international membership and is an initiative of the Infection Prevention Society.

The TEAL Stop n’Wash mobile hand washing station

The synchronised display takes users through the automatic TEAL Stop n’Wash programme and 7 rubbing actions as laid down on the National Health Service Guidelines “Hand-washing technique with soap and water.”

The Stop n’Wash is available to hire for all manner of medical requirements, such as during building work and maintenance, the outbreak of illnesses such as norovirus – or to help educate staff and visitors about washing with soap and water during hand washing campaigns.

High quality hand washing with soap and water – perfect for patients and visitors!

Portable hot water hand washing for healthcare situations – the TEAL Stop n’Wash is entirely self contained and needs no mains water service or drainage connections.

Teal Task Force mobile hand washing

Hot water hand wash hire for UK medical emergencies

Introducing the TEAL Task Force

TEAL Task Force staff provide a rapid deployment and installation service for the class-leading Teal Stop n’Wash portable hand washing station to medical facilities. Setup and training is provided for on-site staff as part of the service.