How teachers can help protect children against bacterial infections

Kiddiwash portable sinks for preschool hand washing4

Kids can wash their hands anywhere with mobile sinks

With summer on the way, educating children on the importance of hand hygiene should be incorporated as part of playtime if teachers want to protect against bacterial infections, says TEAL Patents’ managing director, Manty Stanley.

TEAL, which specialise in the manufacture of portable handwash sinks and basins for preschool and nursery, have developed the KiddiWash range to encourage pre-school and school children into adopting important hand hygiene habits.

Mobile sinks enable hand washing anytime, anywhere

The units enable children to wash their hands anytime, anywhere, as they do not require access to mains water or drainage.

“Summer is a time for exploration whether it is going to the local park or a nature reserve where handwash facilities may not be readily available,” says Manty.

“The Kiddiwash range enables children to maintain good hand hygiene levels on the go and reduce the risk of picking up infections along the way.”

About the KiddiWash

Ideal for preschool and nurseries! Designed specifically for the smallest hands, the KiddiWash is the ideal solution anywhere an effective warm water hand wash is required.

The lightweight Flippi-tap is perfect for little fingers, enabling children to activate a steady spray of warm water that’s the prefect temperature for hand washing every time – both indoors and out!

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