Why festival goers need to wash their hands regularly…

The WashStand is the ideal festival mobile handwash unit

And what might happen if they don’t!

Despite the gloomy early spring weather, the increasing daylight hours are a sure indicator that the music festival season will soon be in full swing. The usual concerns are the tent, the all-important wellies and some way of staying dry in an environment that usually involves a great deal of mud and rain.

But there is one activity that seems to be completely forgotten by many once the music starts, according to a precautionary article which can be found on the Liverpool Echo website. Hand washing.

Despite its acknowledged importance during the pandemic, it seems that hand hygiene is gradually slipping away from people’s lists of priorities. And during a music festival, when it’s taken for granted that living conditions might prove to be somewhat challenging for a couple of days, it seems to be virtually forgotten by some.

The report by Robbie Purves, published at the height of the festival season last summer, makes grim reading. It states that

“A recent study of 1,500 adults between 18 and 24 years old found that 22 per cent of those at festivals do not wash their hands at all.”

This is described as a “disgusting habit which can lead to sepsis”.

Even worse, says the article, only a quarter of people wash their hands once a day, over half the respondents stated that they don’t wash before eating and nearly a third didn’t bother after going to the toilet.

Purves quoted Dr Joe Latimer, microbiologist, who warned that “The biggest vehicle for bacterial infection at festivals is right at our fingertips.”

The advice is very consistent when it comes to hand hygiene…

“We don’t have to be super-sterile, but dare to venture to the toilet block? Wash your hands. About to sample the wonderful food on offer? Wash your hands. About to get creative with the festival makeup and glitter? Wash your hands.”

And if that isn’t horrendous enough?

Just think for a moment about your fingers coming into regular contact with all those condiment bottles, wristbands, toilet door handles – and of course the ever-present mobile phone. Indeed, a recent article on the Economic Times website revealed alarming study results that 100% of phone screens swabbed “contained E. coli and faecal streptococci, which is found in human and animal excreta.”

Which in itself is (rather unappetising) food for thought…

Over a fifth of festival-goers admit to disgusting habit which can lead to sepsis »

WashStand mobile hand washing units at an outdoor music festival
WashStand mobile hand washing units at an outdoor music festival

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