The importance of regular hand washing with stand-alone facilities in salons

A HandSpa hand washing unit for salons

It’s a “fundamental” safety practice says report

Salons should provide their customers with a pleasant and enjoyable experience which, when combined with expert services and treatments, should help to ensure that all-important customer loyalty. But there is one factor which should not be overlooked: that the safety of all visitors – as well as staff – should be a high priority, according to a recent article on the Fortune Herald website.

The article by Avery Nelson defines salon safety as “adhering to rigorous health and hygiene standards, reducing the risk of accidents, and promoting a sense of trust and well-being.”

A safe environment for customers and employees alike is crucial for every type of business maintains Nelson. It helps to establish a “positive workplace culture” and enhances customers’ levels of comfort and satisfaction during their treatment, providing them with a reassuring confidence in the level of service that they are receiving.

The report focuses a four key ways in which salon safety can be achieved, including staff safety training, regular equipment maintenance and avoiding overcrowding within the treatment facility.

The remaining one is perhaps the most important of the four – the implementation of focussed and vigorous hygiene practices.

“Hygiene is a crucial pillar of salon safety, magnified in the era of COVID-19” says the article, which states that an hygienic salon will help to avoid the transmission of illnesses to staff and clients.

“Some fundamental safety practices include regular hand washing, sanitization, and personal protective equipment like gloves.”

The importance of soap and water hand washing facilities

The Creative Head Magazine website provides a link to the Schwarzkopf Professional Salon Health & Safety Guidelines (a PDF download document) that includes useful tips and guidance regarding salon safety and compliance.

One key element is that hand wash stations or sinks should be used for the purpose of soap and water hand washing only.

“Each premises should have a basin designated for hand washing ONLY that is not used for cleaning equipment or washing of eating and drinking utensils.”

They should also be located within the main salon area and they must be “installed and maintained in such a way that they are accessible at all times for hand washing.”

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A Teal Hygienius mobile handwash unit at Illuminate Skin Clinic
A Teal Hygienius mobile handwash unit at Illuminate Skin Clinic

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Practising good hand hygiene can be tough in a busy salon or when travelling between customers. However, if professionals in the beauty and aesthetics industry want to have a reputation for high standards and excellence in hygiene, it’s important they have constant access to hand washing facilities.

Teal’s mobile beauty units include the Hygienius, CliniWash and the Super Stallette – both of which can be positioned near any standard power socket. The HandSpa is not intended to be moved around, but just needs a normal power supply. The highly portable Handeman Xtra Portable can be carried to wherever it’s needed.

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