Call for improved hand washing habits in Wales

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Men are less diligent than women when it comes to hand hygiene says PHW

In these (hopefully) nearly-but-not-yet post pandemic days, it seems that the hand washing message has fallen by the wayside in recent times. A recent survey in Wales has revealed an alarming falling off of effective hand washing practices, according to a recent report on the Sky website. 

The article by Tomos Evans centres on a report from Public Health Wales (PHW) as the organisation begins a campaign to ensure that people help themselves and others to avoid illness during this coming winter.

“The advice from Public Health Wales is to wash hands for at least 30 seconds with soap and water at key points during the day to reduce the risk of spreading germs.”

The importance of good hand hygiene

The headline statistics are a cause for concern in a YouGov survey of over a thousand adults. And they reveal a consistent trend that men are less likely to participate in effective hand washing than women.

Some of the key points include:-

  1. One in five men don’t wash their hands after toilet use
  2. Men were less likely to wash for at least twenty seconds
  3. Only half men and women washed after sneezing / nose blowing
  4. After “returning from a public place” just 50% of women and 41% of men washed appropriately with soap and water
  5. And after meeting friends or others from “outside their household” the stats were even worse, with just 43% or women and only 38% of men making effective hand hygiene a priority.

PHW director of health protection Dr Giri Shankar is reported as saying ‘it was “important to continue the good hygiene practices” learned during the COVID pandemic.’

“Taking a few simple steps to protect yourself and your loved ones against infection can really make all the difference and increase your chances of staying well this winter” added Dr Shankar.

Men less likely than women to wash their hands, Public Health Wales finds »

Food safety is vital wherever cooking takes place
Food safety and hand washing is vital wherever cooking takes place

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