Hand washing one of the most important safety considerations on farm visits says NFU

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Washing facilities must be provided and adequately maintained they say

Managing the risk of disease for visitors is a keystone of the recent NFU report Farm visitor attractions – keeping visitors safe on farm

It emphasises a series of important health and safety considerations that should be implemented on behalf of visitors and staff, including appropriate management of onsite vehicles, training and accreditation – and managing the risk of disease.

The third of these includes ensuring that animal contact is controlled and / or supervised, to keep animal areas regularly clean and disinfected – and to encourage regular and effective hand washing.

“Maintain good hand washing facilities.”

Hand washing an integral part of Guidance

The article cross-references with the Access to Farms website article The Latest Industry Code of Practice. The purpose of the Code is to “help ensure visitor health and safety by providing sensible, practical and proportionate guidance on preventing or controlling ill health at visitor attractions”.

A PDF download of the Code is also available which details the many considerations that should be taken on board by relevant providers.

Hand washing and the provision of working facilities for it are frequent issues, with over eighty references to it in the document.

It’s important, says the Guidance, that washing opportunities should be presented wherever they’re actually needed, to enable hand hygiene procedures to take place where they are most essential.

One example given is that farms must

“Ensure that visitors pass by washing facilities as they leave any “animal contact” area, before they access eating and play areas and before leaving the premises. Washing facilities should be located so that they are convenient for visitors to use when passing through these three areas or when leaving site. Washing facilities should also be suitably signed.”

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Hand washing lessons are very important on farm visits
Hand washing lessons are very important on farm visits

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