Nail salons urged to maintain effective hand washing

A Teal CliniWash hand washing sink in a nail salon

Safety and hygiene advice issued for nail technicians

It’s apparently “a good time to be a nail salon owner” according to a recent report on the London Loves Business website. It quotes the British Beauty Council who last year stated that Beauty and nail salons are the “saviours of the high street”

So with the outlook being a generally positive one, it is vital for any salon owner and employee to be aware of the major importance of safety and hygiene in all salons, writes author Sarah Dunsby.

Nail salons present a heightened risk of cross contamination and the spread of infection says the report, which contains helpful advice regarding chemical hazards, general customer safety and, importantly, the need for hygiene.

Practice hand hygiene

The importance of regular hand washing – done properly (soap and water, a good scrub for at least 20 seconds and ideally drying with paper towels) – cannot be overemphasised. Hand washing facilities should be available at the point of need, to make the whole process more effective and straightforward.

The article outlines when such interventions should take place.

“Employees should wash their hands before and after tending to each customer, in addition to after eating, drinking, smoking, using the toilet and handling cash.”

Dunsby also sounds a warning on the importance of good hygiene, by quoting Salon Gold, a beauty insurance provider, which warns of the risk of non compliance, poor safety standards and hygiene practices which could result in potential legal action and repetitional damage.

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An Hygienius mobile handwash station in a beauty salon
An Hygienius mobile handwash station in a beauty salon

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Practising good hand hygiene can be tough in a busy salon or when travelling between customers. However, if professionals in the beauty and aesthetics industry want to have a reputation for high standards and excellence in hygiene, it’s important they have constant access to hand washing facilities.

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