Hand washing call as norovirus causes Community Hospital visitor closure

Hand washing call as norovirus causes Community Hospital visitor closure

Warning that hand gels are ineffective against it

Both inpatient wards at Bromyard Community Hospital were closed to visitors recently as a result of a number of people being infected with the so-called “winter vomiting bug”.

Wye Valley NHS Trust took the decisive preventative measures in order to “prevent the further spread of norovirus”, according to an article on the Hereford Times website.

Report author James Thomas quoted the chief nursing officer at Wye Valley NHS Trust, Lucy Flanagan, who started that steps had been taken on the grounds that norovirus can “spread quickly” to vulnerable patients and staff.

The Trust iterated that effective hand hygiene was crucial in the attempts to minimise the spread of the unpleasant diarrhoea and vomiting causing illness.

“Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and warm water, particularly after using the toilet, and before preparing food.”

Why it has to be soap and water washing

NHS Guidance Norovirus (vomiting bug) is unequivocal about the need for thorough soap and water hand washing on the grounds that hand gels are largely ineffective against it.

“Washing your hands frequently with soap and water is the best way to stop it spreading. Alcohol hand gels do not kill norovirus.”

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