Hand wash basins must be for that purpose only says updated guidance

The MediWash mobile handwash unit has a timed handwashing instruction video

Soap and water hand washing is essential in many circumstances

Washing hands under running water with the use of non-antimicrobial liquid soap is the preferred method of hand hygiene in medical facilities – and is the essential method under a number of specific circumstances, according to the recently updated NHS document National infection prevention and control manual for England.

Soap and water washing is deemed essential when hands are noticeably dirty or soiled, when treating a patient that has any diarrhoeal illnesses or is vomiting, and specifically when

“…caring for a patient with a suspected or known gastrointestinal infection, eg norovirus or a spore-forming organism such as Clostridioides difficile.”

Place hand washing facilities at the point of need

Alcohol-based handrubs (ABHRs) can be used in other circumstances says the guidance – but this option is sometimes driven by practicalities rather than by available facilities.

“Where running water is unavailable, or hand hygiene facilities are lacking, staff may use hand wipes followed by ABHR and should wash their hands at the first opportunity.”

The obvious solution is therefore to position mobile hot water handwashing stations where they are actually required – at the point of need – to present any such “first opportunity” as soon as possible.

Furthermore, clinical hand-wash basins must “be used for that purpose only and not used for the disposal of other liquids” says the guidance document.

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The Teal MediWash can be positioned for handwashing at the point of need
The Teal MediWash can be positioned for handwashing at the point of need

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Hand washing saves lives! Teal’s groundbreaking range of portable sinks enable healthcare professionals and patients to access a high quality hot water hand wash wherever and whenever it’s needed.

The MediWash (above) features an instructional video screen, which helps to ensure hand washing compliance.

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