Open farm visitors contract Cryptosporidium – prompting call for hand washing facilities

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Public Health Wales advocates soap and water wash after animal contact

A number of people have contracted a parasite “commonly found on farms” which causes vomiting and diarrhoea; the good news is that it can be prevented by thorough hand washing, according to a recent report on the Daily Post website

Several cases of diarrhoea linked to a microscopic parasite – Cryptosporidium – have been linked to open farm visits writes reporter Annie Owen. This in turn has prompted warnings from Public Health Wales (PHW) as a result of a combined investigation with local authority Environmental Health Officers.

“Experts say open farms, farm parks, agricultural shows and rescue centres are all popular attractions especially for children but it’s important that visitors are aware of the disease risks associated with all livestock.”

The article alerts parents and carers of younger children as well as people with an underlying health condition and pregnant women to be particularly vigilant.

“Good hand washing after coming into contact with farm animals, their bedding or dirty equipment or clothing is really important in preventing infection.”

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KiddiWash mobile handwash sinks for children can be used outside as well as indoors

Check hand washing facilities before undertaking a farm visit

Visitors are being urge to “to check the hygiene facilities when visiting farms”, prompting farms in turn to make sure that they are set up to provide a good quality soap and water handwash for their visitors.

The report also flags up that a “quick fix” of gels and sanitisers will simply not do the job.

“Hand gels are not a substitute for soap and water and will not kill many of the infections carried by animals.”

Health warning issued in Wales after farm visitors catch parasitic illness »

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