Video content can effectively improve hand hygiene practices concludes research

A nurse following on screen hand washing instructions on MediWash mobile sink

Appropriate handwashing duration reduces healthcare-associated infections

Hand hygiene practices are given a considerable improvement boost when interactive video content is utilised, according to a recent report on the Health Europa website.

“Engaging” and informative video content can give a real boost as part of any healthcare facility’s ongoing campaign to improve hand washing compliance and effectiveness, it says, while stating that “this innovative intervention could be adapted to strengthen handwashing practices long-term.”

The article, which refers to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital‘s recent paper, quotes lead author Lily Ackermann, MD, ScM, FACP, who stated that “appropriate and consistent handwashing is critical to reducing the spread of HAIs”, whilst at the same time acknowledging that it has been historically difficult, time consuming and expensive to keep best practice at a high level amongst staff and visitors alike.

“This study suggests that automated video engagement could offer an effective new approach to improve handwashing duration.”

Ensuring that hand hygiene is effective

The article establishes the importance of properly carried out hand washing – for the appropriate duration – by quoting CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that EVERYONE should wash for a minimum of 20 seconds.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) showed how video technology was implemented – and the benefits that became apparent.

“The results demonstrated that the video intervention boosted hand hygiene, elevating handwashing duration and the number of people who achieved the recommended 20-second recommendation compared to the control.”

Interactive video enhances hand hygiene and reduces HAIs »

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