How van and truck drivers can make their cab a “safe zone” from infection

The TealWash wash unit can be used inside or outside trucks and vans

Washing hands on entering the vehicle will help maintain hygiene standards

Handwashing with soap and running water is now seen as a vitally important activity. Drivers with dirty hands are are particularly at risk on the grounds that they “touch their face 26 times an hour on average, potentially spreading infection, if hand washing is inadequate” according to a recent article on the Worthing Herald website.

Each touch of the face scrutinised during video analysis of over 30 hours of video footage lasted nearly 4 seconds wrote Jane Chippindale, who quoted Dr Keith Souter. He was referring to research carried out by the University of Nottingham.

The conclusion drawn by the report is a stark one.

“This indicates that all drivers are potentially at risk of contamination through face-touching while driving in a road vehicle.”

Making the cab a “safe zone”

Delivery drivers, whether in vans or lorries, often have dirty hands as a result of their jobs. A quick dash of gels or sanitiser just won’t cut it as they don’t work when hands are “visibly dirty”.

Even gels with at least 60% alcohol “have some limitations” according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

“Since sanitizer doesn’t actually remove anything from your hands, if you’ve got visible dirt or grime then soap and water is always the way to go.”

A TealWash hand washing unit on a refuse collection truck
A TealWash hand washing unit on a refuse collection truck

Wash hands before getting into the cab

It therefore makes a huge amount of sense if all drivers are able to wash their hands with soap under running water immediately before, or upon entering, their cabs, thereby establishing their driving environment as a safe zone.

Specially designed motor vehicle handwash units can help them achieve that.

Vehicle and trailer hand wash units

Teal’s range of hand wash units for motor vehicles enable an effective, hygienic, wash under warm, running water – wherever the unit is situated. They are powered by the vehicle’s battery and are available in 24V and 12V options. They just require a minimum 18 Amp power supply to work.

Teal provides three products that are designed especially for connection to a vehicle’s electrical system – the TealWash (TW12/24V), the Handeman Xtra (HMX12/24V) and the Compact Classic (CC). All three products are robust and completely weatherproof, so can be situated either inside or outside to suit.

The wash units can be successfully located in all types of vehicles:-

Lorries and trucks

  • Inside the cab of any tractor unit or lorry
  • Externally on the rigid chassis of any lorry, refuse wagon or waste disposal vehicle.

Inside or outside

  • Vans, ambulances, minibuses and delivery vehicles
  • Cars used by paramedics, vets and first responders
  • SUVs and flatbeds
  • Agricultural vehicles including tractors and combine harvesters
  • Catering trailers and mobile food outlets.
Compact Classic hand washing unit fitted to roadsweeping lorry
A Compact Classic hand washing unit fitted to roadsweeping lorry