How nail techs want you to wash your hands

Why you need to to make full use of a nail brush when washing your hands

Focus on scrubbing the nails – and drying properly

It’s absolutely vital to make full use of a nail brush when washing your hands – and to dry them well when you’ve finished, according to a recent report on The Sun website.

Article author Abigail Wilson has picked up on a widely viewed social media post from a New York City nail technician, who has posted a video demonstrating washing techniques that are reportedly favoured by sector professionals.

“Please. From all nail techs. Scrub them good, we say this for a reason.”

Many have reportedly commented that they had little or no idea of the importance of this approach, stating that they tend to gently lather up and rinse off.

The key, according to the article, is to centre the activity on appropriate use of the often-neglected nail brush, explaining “that it’s crucial to use the nail brush to scrub your nails” – and to put plenty of soap onto the brush before doing so.

“She showed that you need to brush the nails quite firmly, side to side and in a circular motion. You also need to scrub underneath the nails (if they are long) and your palms too.”

The referred to TikTok video from The Brillion Way account demonstrates a very robust washing approach.

Don’t forget the drying

Drying hands thoroughly, with a paper towel is also important explains the report. You need to dry them “really well”.

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