Hygiene standards are crucial for street food traders – wherever they are!

A Teal WashStand Xtra go anywhere hand wash unit

Hand washing facilities are vital – in any location

Hand washing importance has become more prevalent than ever during the current pandemic, with its significance being deemed greater than ever for caterers.

Street food suppliers of course face location related challenges – which is why mobile hand washing units are proving to be such a vital resource.

In the UK for example, The Nationwide Caterers’ Association (NCASS) put effective hand hygiene at the very top of their list – as evidenced in their advisory 5 reasons why you need a hand washing unit.

The article begins with the all-important legal considerations.

“A separate hand washing facility must be provided”.

A reliance on gels is not permitted, though they can be used in addition to a soap and water washing facility says the guidance.

The need for effective hand washing when in a street environment is highlighted with some sobering statistics that really tell their own story!

“Did you know that faecal bacteria are present on 26% of hands in the UK, 14% of banknotes and 10% of credit cards?”

And of course, a decent food hygiene rating will be unobtainable without suitable facilities says the report.

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A street food vendor with Teal WashStand Xtra and Handeman Xtra mobile handwash units
A Jamaican street food vendor with Teal WashStand Xtra and Handeman Xtra mobile handwash units

Focus on handwashing in Jamaica

Hand washing and other food safety practices for street-side caterers in Jamaica are facing calls to tighten up on their procedures, according to a recent article on the Jamaica Observer website.

Not matter the size or nature of the outlet, “food safety is applicable to all” writes Navenia Wellington. In the light of Friday evenings becoming “no cooking” times, street food suppliers are spreading faster than ever.

The centrepiece of the report features some dubious coking techniques involving an observed fried chicken supplier, handling uncooked meat while preparing it – then serving a customer with the finished item. No hand washing was in evidence at any point – including by the customer who then ate the meal!

Potential diners are being encourage to observe relevant hygiene practices before deciding where to eat, writes Wellington.

Food safety on the streets »

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