Top ten reasons why the new WashStand Xtra is perfect for outdoor catering

WashStand Xtra mobile sink for indoor and outdoor caterers

The most essential piece of festival or outdoor events kit for any caterer – and their customers

Teal has just announced that it’s WashStand Xtra mobile hand wash unit is available for sale for the first time. And it’s expected to revolutionise outdoor catering!

If you’re out in the field you need reliable, easy-to-use hand washing equipment that gets the job done – with no fuss. Just wash and go.

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The WashStand Xtra easily tackles rough ground with its all-terrain wheels, so it can literally be rolled for any outdoor activity.

Unyielding, robust construction means it will take the knocks and come back for more. Just fill up the water container before setting out: then, even if you are miles from the mains, hand washing is sorted.

The new Teal WashStand Xtra mobile handwash unit
The new Teal WashStand Xtra mobile handwash unit

The ten benefits of the WashXtand Xtra

  1. It’s highly mobile – just wheel it where you need it
  2. It features a high impact polyethylene body which is very easy to clean
  3. Heavy duty metal handle doubles up as a paper towel holder
  4. The WashStand Xtra provides hands free operation under running water
  5. The water is dispensed by simply pressing the foot pump
  6. It provides fresh water hand wash without the need for external plumbing or drainage
  7. It can be set up anywhere – on any flat surface, indoors or out
  8. The water container keeps fresh and dirty water separate
  9. The WashStand Xtra can hold 9 litres of fresh water, enough for 50 hand washes
  10. It includes a free soap dispenser.

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Teal portable hand wash units – place them wherever they’re needed!

There are vehicle mounted, wall mounted, mains powered and free standing hand wash stations as well as mobile sinks for use with pre-heated hot water.

The Teal range of mobile sinks includes the MediWashHygienius and Hygienius ProWashBigSynkSuper StalletteTEALwashHandeman XtraCompact ClassicHandSpa, CliniWash – and now the new WashStand Xtra.