Handwashing focus as thousands return to the workplace

Portable hand washing units can be safely deployed throughout the workplace

Everyone will need to be “hyper-vigilant about germs”

As the attention of employers and employees alike begins to focus on the post lockdown workplace, many will realise that they are not at the moment ‘fit to do the job’ – an issue that will need to be addressed by companies across the country.

A large percentage of people will not longer be used to busy environments. And maintaining safe distances and the implementation of consistent hand hygiene protocols will be of vital importance in the very near future, according to a recent article on the Express and Star website.

The author of the report, John Corser, quotes a professor of occupational health psychology from Birmingham City University, Craig Jackson who, along with colleague Professor Hugh Koch, has been producing the Living thru Lockdown series of podcasts.

There are many previously unconsidered issues that will confront employers, advises Professor Jackson – these “may involve a transitionary period involving more breaks and perhaps radical changes.” Regaining fitness levels, being aware of workers’ inconsistent lockdown-driven sleep patterns, and helping them to come to terms with larger numbers of people when they have been used to comparatively quiet environments, will be crucial.

Hand hygiene options will need to be in place right from the start

Many will have taken comfort from maintaining routines for many months that involve hand washing and social distancing, says the report, which describes them as a “mental safeguard”. 

Of course, effective and regular hand washing will need to be at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness in order to help keep the current pandemic under control, Professor Jackson is quoted as saying.

“The need for good hygiene and hand-washing will not go away when unlocking starts, and in fact it is likely to be more important than ever during the first few weeks of increased social contact, particularly in workplaces.”

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